Are you kept in the dark? When dealing with a financial services company here in the UAE it’s important to find one that aligns with your values and expectations. Many of us encounter several financial advisers who promise high returns on your investment and tailor made solutions. That’s all very well and good but often the follow up on this can be poor and the client is left in the dark with what’s going on until their plans mature or something drastic happens. Making your finances work hard for you and putting in place a thorough protection plan is a necessary yet daunting task for many expats, your financial adviser should be a reassuring presence throughout the process. Here at Finsbury Associates we keep you up to date with your finances every step of the way, we make sure ALL of our clients are reviewed every three months without fail, so you’re kept in the loop and we are up-to-date with your current situation and needs. If your adviser keeps you in the dark and you’re looking to step into the light we can help you: Email: info@finsbury-associates.com Call: 045674500