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We all want to give our children the best possible start in life – and that includes the very best education our money can buy. But the cost of global education is increasing by 7% year-on-year, so in many cases, giving our children a stellar education is likely to require extensive financial planning and clear strategies.

By starting to plan early, you can take advantage of schemes that could help you build up an educational savings pot which will cover everything from the cost of stationery and textbooks to the overarching tuition fees, which can cost thousands every year.

At Finsbury Associates, we offer a full analysis of your current position, and a clear review of your objectives. We can then provide you with access to purpose-created solutions which range from simple savings accounts to more complex investment schemes. Our strategies, and unparalleled access to bespoke solutions, can help you to ensure that you’ll have everything paid for in advance – from field trips to uniforms.

The cost of schooling can be daunting – but with the help of our experienced professionals, you can enhance and enrich your children’s education, throwing open doors for them in later life.

Things to consider

There are many questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you start saving for your child’s education – and many plans will need to be put in place.

When should you start saving?

It goes without saying that the earlier you start to plan and save, the more of an impact your money will have. Compound interest should never be underestimated – even the most modest of savings can pack a punch if given the time to grow. If you started on the day of your child’s birth and saved $100 every month for 18 years, the yield would be $48,000, assuming an 8% average annual return.

How much do you need to save?

Before you answer this question you’ll need to know where you’d like your child to study. If you want to send your child to a school in another country, you’d be better off saving in the currency of that country. If you’re not sure, a strong currency like USD would be the most sensible choice. Your child’s status as a resident or international student will also have an impact on the money you’ll need to save – tuition fees in the UK are capped at £9,000 p.a., but international students can pay triple this amount.

Grants and Scholarships

Does your chosen institution offer grants or scholarship options? It’s crucial to get an idea of the help that’s on offer as early as possible – though these financial aids should never be relied upon. We’ve listed a number of useful resources to help you find out about the grants, awards or scholarships available for each institution:





What do you want to pay for?

Some parents aim to cover every expense their child may face at school – while some simply want to cover the tuition fees. This is a personal choice, but certainly one which needs consideration, and will have a big effect on the savings targets.

What other expenses can you anticipate?

Aside from tuition fees there’s accommodation to consider, as well as living costs like clothes, food and travel. Many establishments also ask students to cover the cost of their course materials, including textbooks and writing materials. Work out a rough budget for all of these and ensure you add it to your savings total.

Who’s in charge of the budgets?

Even if you’re lucky enough to be able to financially support your child through college or university, it’s crucial to come to an understanding with your child about budgeting. College and university are often the best times to teach children how to manage their own money and become independent – but giving them too much or too little can have an adverse effect. Come to an arrangement with your child about budgets and sticking to them, then don’t forget to factor it into your target.

Free guides to educational planning

Whether you’re looking to build an education fund from scratch, or simply maximize the returns on your existing strategy, Finsbury Associates can help. Get in touch with our team today, or download some of our handy guides to education planning.


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