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You work hard to earn your money. Now make your money work hard for you.

The world of investment planning can be complex, with many unique challenges to overcome in the pursuit of a high yield. Naturally, whether you’re building capital by saving on a regular basis, or attempting to maximise the potential of your existing capital, it’s unquestionable that you’ll need professional investment advice at some stage.

At Finsbury Associates, we partner with some of the world’s leading investment managers to ensure all of our investment solutions are the best on offer. We can recommend a number of portfolios and investment opportunities to help you make the most of your earnings and enjoy the secure lifestyle you’ve worked hard for.

Evaluation and Selection

At Finsbury Associates, we’ve developed an investment fund evaluation and selection system to help ensure the very best solutions for each of our clients, every time. The system is based upon four key principles:


Does the fund manager know how to exploit market inefficiencies effectively? By purchasing securities that undervalued, or by short-selling securities that are overvalued, skilled managers can reduce risk and enhance returns for clients.


Has the investment manager adopted a disciplined process, which is repeatable? Repeatable investment processes are consistent in strategy and offer more stability for investors.


Does the investment management company show stability and integrity? A fund is only as good as the professionals behind it.


Is the success of the investment supported by the manager’s own trading patterns and investment approach?

We have strict criteria for all of the funds we recommend, and we apply this system rigorously to ensure that we filter out those not worth our clients’ time or money. Even once they’ve been selected for inclusion in one of our portfolios, we carry out on-going performance, volatility and risk appraisals to ensure that selected funds maintain their position on merit.


Our investment partners are winners of the following awards:

Gold Standard Award – City of London Wealth Management Awards 2013

Winner for Discretionary Portfolio Management

Winner for Best Advisory Service

Citywealth Awards 2012

UK Offshore Investment Manager of the Year


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