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Why should I not leave my money in the bank?

Leaving cash in the bank is an important step, but once you have saved up an emergency fund, any more wealth should be invested.

Low interest rates mean that inflation constantly eats away at the value of your money. $1000 today will be worth $970 in a year, and over time this can significantly decrease your wealth.

What is the alternative?

This will depend on your appetite for risk and time horizons.

As an expat due to the tax free environment you have tools at your disposal which make investing now incredibly attractive and potentially immensely lucrative in the future

Depending on you future residency plans, you can also structure your investments to take advantage of tax planning.

How can Finsbury help?

Whether you have an existing investment portfolio or want to start your investment journey, our team of qualified independent advisors can help.

With access to world-leading platforms, funds, and products across a variety of currencies and markets we can tailor a solution to your needs. Contact us for more details. 

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