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At Finsbury Associates we’re passionate about clients having a diversified portfolio and so we have partnered with leading providers who can offer a variety of UK property investment opportunities. Buy Property Abroad.

Tax considerations on your investment properties

Property forms an important part of a diversified investment portfolio, however what are the tax implications on an investment property? How does this differ if you are an expat vs a resident? And how can this be structured effectively to maximise your returns?

Book a consultation with our UK property tax experts to find out more.

Featured Properties

Click below to see featured UK & European property investment listings 


Maida Vale, London, UK

from £478,000

Completion Q2 2021



 The Copperworks, Birmingham, UK

from £185,000

Yields of up to 5.4%

Completion Q1 2022


The Boat Haus, Berlin, Germany

from 397,650

Yields of up to 3.3%

Completion Q4 2022


 Bishopgate Gardens, Preston, UK

from £110,000

Yields of up to 7%

Completion Jul 2021


 Litoral Living, Portugal

from €245,800

Yields of up to 5.3%

Completion Q2 2022


East & Green, Birmingham, UK

from £198,000


Completion Q1 2023


The Waterhouse, Manchester, UK

from £174,860

Yields of up to 5%

Completion Q3/Q4 2021

The Ambassador, Berlin, Germany

from 235,000

Yields of up to 4%

Completion Q2 2022


Springwell Gardens, Leeds, UK

from £155,250

Yields of up to 6.97%

Completion Q1 2022


Kelham Ridge, Sheffield, UK

from £105,000

Yields of up to 6.6%

Completion Q4 2022

(Note: These properties are not sold or developed by Finsbury Associates. These projects are provided, sold, and managed by property partners. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and cannot accept any liability for any loss resulting thereof.)

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