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Financial Planning for the big events in life such as retirement, education, or your home, can be difficult.

Saving regularly can help you realise your dreams.


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A structured approach to building wealth

Retirement Planning

Life as an expat comes with lots of expenses but it also means there are no institutionalised pensions or state contributions… yet. The responsibility of saving for your retirement lies with you alone. What is your retirement plan? 

Education Planning

Anyone that has paid for a term of school fees in the UAE knows the pain of having to pay for this out of pocket. Whilst it may seem far away saving a small amount of money each month for your child’s future education can go a long way.

Home Purchase

As an expat deposits can be up to 40% of the purchase price, therefore it’s important to start saving early and use compound interest to your advantage. We are able to help with property investments, whether you’re looking to buy locally or abroad.

General Savings – Lump Sums

Whatever else you may want to save for – we are here to help. Speak to one of our advisers today and find out how you can capitalise on the tax free environment. Or if you already have a portfolio how you can make this grow. Get in touch for more information.