Finsbury Associates – your partner on your financial journey

We understand the importance of financial planning throughout all stages of your lifelong journey. We offer tailored support, services and solutions to assist you at all stages and are focused on helping you achieve your financial goals. There are generally 4 stages along your financial journey and our team of qualified advisors can assist you wherever you are on this path. The steps are as follows:

1. Protection

The first step in a financial plan is conducting a detailed analysis of where you currently are and your financial objectives. After completing this analysis the nextstep is to look at protection, ie protecting your finances and family if something was to happen to you and putting in places a plan accordingly. This step generally involves:

2. Saving / Wealth Accumulation

The next step on the financial journey is to start saving and accumulate your wealth. Finsbury can help set up a solutions and plans to maximise your current income and help achieve your financial objectives.

3. Investment

Once you have accumulated wealth, the next step is to invest that money to ensure that you make your money work for you. With inflation levels in the UAE currently running at 4.8%, unless your cash is earning more than this you are losing money year on year.

4. Succession and Inheritance Planning

After you have built up your portfolio, it is important to put into place steps to help protect this upon your death. This can be done through succession planning and inheritance tax planning. Finsbury Associates can help you to choose the most efficient solutions eg trusts, wills to ensure your wealth is protected and distributed according to your wishes.