Critical Illness Cover

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Many expat families are familiar with the concept of life insurance and hold a life insurance policy. This policy is taken out to retain a fixed income to support surviving family members if the worse should happen to the policy holder. The rate of survival for people who suffer a critical illness is on the increase, particularly in cases of heart attacks and cancer. In the case of a person surviving a critical illness, the life insurance policy isn’t going to pay out, that’s where critical illness cover can be of benefit.


Imagine being the main earner in the family and being relied on to pay the school fees, the mortgage and the general cost of living and you fell critically ill. Are you aware of what sick leave you’re entitled to? UAE labor law states that UAE workers are entitled to 15 days full pay and 30 days half pay. It is rare for an individual to recover from a critical illness and return to work in 45 days. So what happens when you are no longer receiving an income?

Even if you aren’t the primary income generator in the family, if you’re a homemaker who looks after the children, the cost of living expenses will still have to be covered.


You have to pay for the cost of a nanny, hospital bills and your spouse may have to take time off work. Are you financially prepared to take that risk?

Statistically 1 in 3 people will suffer a critical illness before retirement and the importance of being prepared for this possibility happening to you is of paramount importance. Critical illness cover works similarly to a life insurance policy, you pay your premium each month in order to receive a pay out if you were to suffer a critical illness.

If you were to have a savings plans or a life insurance policy and you fall critically ill you will still be expected to pay the premiums. At Finsbury Associates, we believe that protection should be the first step taken to secure your financial future.

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