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Kids Initiative Workshop

The Kids Initiative was started in 2013 and as joint collaboration between Safe Hands and Finsbury Associates. Our goal is to help safeguard families and ensure that they are protected in case of an emergency, whatever that may be.

Safe & Sound Workshop

Safe & Sound was then set up to compliment this, having provided so much value to schools and nurseries, we were asked to present these workshops for a corporate audience and have worked with multiple companies around dubai to help educate their staff.


Money Skills for Schools

At Finsbury we are passionate about our community. We believe educating children about finances today makes for more responsible financial spending habits in the future. We run money skills workshops covering

– How to budget
– How to save
– Credit card fees and debt management
– Foreign exchange & impact of currency fluctuations

UK Tax Workshop

Are you a UK national, resident, or property owner? Do you know how much tax you might have to pay upon returning from life as an expat? Book in one of our tax planning workshops today to find out about capital gains tax, income tax, and inheritance tax.