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Second Opinion Review

Is your money working for you?

Understand your current portfolio, the fees involved, and whether or not your returns are being maximised.

Have you been given investment advice, as an expat, and have over £100,000 in an existing policy or to invest? A Second Opinion Review will help you to:


  • Analyse your current portfolio and check if the returns will help achieve your personal financial goals
  • Reassess your current portfolio weightings in line with the current market
  • Check your insurance, tax and estate planning liabilities, to ensure nothing has been missed previously.

You wouldn’t trust your car to the first mechanic, your health to the first doctor, or your home to the first broker. So why leave your financial advice solely in the hands of the first adviser you met?

Our Second Opinion Review provides a holistic approach to your finances and is conducted free of charge by internationally qualified advisers. These can be online via zoom, or in person, and take 60 minutes.


Portfolio review

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Have 60 mins to transform the next 60 years?

Forgotten by your current adviser and confused by your investment strategy?

You’ve worked hard for your money and it (and your adviser!) should be working hard for you.

Our free second opinion review can provide:

  • Clarity on Fees and how to minimise costs
  • Redistribution of asset classes to maximise returns
  • Confidence and understanding of your investment strategy

“84% of clients find value in a second opinion review with some seeing reduction in fees of up to 6%”

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